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What is WordPress and Why You ought to Use this platform? at that point you’re at the perfect spot. In this article, we have organized several reasons why you should use this platform, in what ways you can use it, and who is using it.

In this category, we will tell you that What is WordPress and Why You should Use this platform?. How to install it, WP theme and necessary plugins. How you can be the best WP blogger. It’s is large platform with thousands of free themes templates and plugins.

You’re following some great people’s example on the off chance that you utilize this platform to distribute on the web. Numerous well known online journals, news outlets, music destinations, Fortune 500 organizations and famous people are utilizing it.

For instance, celebrated web journals like Mashable and TechCrunch are both on WordPress. News outlets like The New York Times’ online journals and CNN’s on-air identity writes all utilization WordPress, as well.